How to Surface Your Goddess #10

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Centre yourself daily to encourage the highest outcome for each choice.

Situational energy is not yours to carry.

When you join with a friend to support them, be sure that you don’t let their energy penetrate your energy field. Create and manage a separation between your force field and everyone else’s.

Blend your energy toward those in need so they may benefit from the emanating light of your countenance. But do not allow their lower vibration to attach itself to your field.

If your light is dimmed through the day be sure to take a moment to recharge, re-align with Source, and recalibrate.

Never is it a good idea to run all day without intermittent realignment. Prayers and symbols can anchor your serenity so that it is easier to recalibrate frequently.

Pleasure seekers find no satisfaction.

Only in the quiet searching for peace does one truly find the solutions they seek.

Machinations of all kinds will take a soul off course. Be weary of quick fixes that call out for your attention. The slow and steady way is your highest option in all choices.

Be mindful of the vibrational signature associated with each path. As you are faced with a choice, test the signature of each path before you. Use your internal compass to point the way. 

Never doubt your own self. Instincts can take you to exactly where you were intended to be.

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