How to Surface Your Goddess #8

Just Don’t Resist

If you can just stop yourself from resisting, then the natural flow of the Universe is to give you what you desire. The only thing blocking you from receiving it — is the resisting. 

Resistance is a blockage that basically intervenes with the stuff your soul wants. It’s like a big doorman at the gateway of your heart with halting hands to stop the goodness from entering.

The bully doorman demands; “Halt! Who goes there? No! We don’t need none of that! Take it back!”

And that’s the story of human resistance.

Don’t Resist

That’s the only formula needed to manifest the reality of our desires.

Just don’t resist. It’s that simple.

The Universal Flow is designed to bring you bliss if only you can learn not to resist. Through the river of events that take you from darkness (ignorance) to a state of blissful awareness, keep practicing the mantra of ‘let go and let God’.

The process happens naturally if we don’t resist.

So the healing process — of returning to our sovereign state of bliss — is natural, as long as we continue to flow. 

The darkness put upon a person in their life can cause a hardened heart, a traumatized spirit, an angry, confused, resistant soul. One that wants nothing to do with progress, or kindness even. They are clinging to the hurt and ‘old dust’ of memories that no longer exist. During life, resistance can be a useful tool to keep from being hurt again. However, in the NOW of life, it’s a deterrent to moving on and flowing with life — thus accessing higher rewards, greater self-empowerment… and bliss.

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© 2022-2023

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