How to Surface Your Goddess #9

Sever ties with toxic energies.

Generate the love within so you can exist as an island onto yourself. Dependency on others is a crutch that handicaps your ability to stand in your own power as a goddess.

Never assume that others have your best intentions in mind. That is your role — to be accountable.

Aspire to rise up and experience life from a renewed, higher perspective. 

If living solo is a fear, then seek to eradicate the fear rather than pursuing a partner. This is the highest choice.

As you add someone to your life, they may indeed take more than they give. It can be an experience of deficit for you. If you seek to add love, then it is a more sound choice to add love rather than to add a partner. Since the partner comes with so much more than simply the love you so desire. Remember they may bring lack, which translates to a deficit for your heart.

So then, if you desire love — simply choose love.

It comes in many forms and can be experienced throughout the universe — whether you are solo or partnered. Love does not filter the recipients of itself. It simply is love and seeks to find refuge in — and among — the souls who have prepared their heart to receive it.

Release the blocks from your heart. Anticipate and expect that love will enter. Be not weary, for love is your hope. It is yours when you accept it.

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