How to Surface Your Goddess #12


You are the only one who can choose your reality. As good as it is — or as bad as it is — these events have all sprung from your previous choices. If you want the upcoming events to be different, then make different choices. Those new choices will determine the upcoming experiences you are about to have.

It may seem ludicrous if you are having painful experiences — to be told that you are the chooser of such events. I know. But it is the absolute truth. Nothing can happen to you — or for you — that you have not already opened the door to… in some way.

If it is negative (as you perceive it to be) then think back to the warnings you chose to ignore. Some may be external warnings, while others may have been red flags that you noticed but pushed aside.

The more that you do not want a thing, then you would bolster yourself against it. To not protect or bolster is to permit. 

Other times, your secret wish for something may lead you to this moment of negative impact.

This is not to say that you are to blame for negative events — for others have likely played a role too. But you are accountable for the choices which led up to this — the choices that permitted events to unfold. Others oblige you in as much as you’ve permitted them to play that role.

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