How to Surface Your Goddess #16

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Send your love outward, irrespective of a target and even if no one else is present. Let it come back on to you when it falls over the room. 

If you have no ‘love partner’ then give love to yourself in this way.

Draw on the love of God to fill your spirit daily. There is no lack of love, except for the obstacle you perceive. A romantic partner simply is not a pre-requisite.

The universal flow is not at all like the world’s order of things. 

Forget the lack and limitation that the people of the world have taught you. It’s not real. Just an illusion of fantastical barriers created by narrow-minded teachers. Don’t buy into it all. 

The world of Earth is upside down to Heaven’s realm. You — in fact — ARE love. There is no lack nor can there ever be. If you ARE love, how then can a partner be necessary to experience love?

That necessity is hogwash. 

Be love. Be love. Be love. 

Experience it at any time you choose.

Kindness can change a world…
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© 2022-2023

© 2022-2023

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