How to Surface Your Goddess #17

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Spare no effort to protect and nurture your soul.

As it is fed, you can feel the bubbling up of spirit — your mood lifts — joy returns — laughter erupts. Watch for these signs to know when you are on the right path.

Lift up the energy of others. Not in a false cheerfulness — no — not that, ever. 

Rather, allow your joy to erupt in a childlike flurry of bombastic glee and bewilderment. 

Bliss… realized.

Feel it. Feed it. Spread it around with any and all. Friend and stranger alike.

It costs you nothing. It takes less effort than other modes of vibrational sharing. Let it be your goal all day, each day.

To do this is to change a world.

You and you and you… each one playing a paramount role in the evolution of a planet. 

BE the goddess in action.

The spirit of God realized in the loving form of a woman. 

You are the goddess who came here to remember herself and revolutionize a world with her light. Experience your inner goddess so we can all get on with the revolution of love and light.

Think of yourself as a flavor. Each one of you is a sparkling flavor of your very own. Be the finest version of your unique flavor that you can be.

We shall all do the same.

This is how we change a world.

One flavor at a time.

One brave female at a time.

Loving instead of fearing. 

Love is the answer to all questions.

Kindness can change a world…
Shine Your Light
Share Your Love

© 2022-2023

© 2022-2023

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